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We Do More Than Just Publish and Distribute Books

At W. Clark Distribution & Media we level the playing field for self-publishing authors and independent publishers by allowing you to expand your reach and generate huge profits from your literary works. Your book will be distributed utilizing the same channels used by the world’s leading book publishing houses allowing you to focus solely on writing and promoting your books and your brand. With over 38,000 distribution channels, resources, and insider secrets you can trust us to help you connect with more readers than ever before.

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Designed for Authors and Independent Publishers To Enhance Your Book’s Revenue-Generating Potential

Ownership and Independence, the keys to success as learned from Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Katt Williams, and other successful writers. W. Clark Distribution & Media gives you the freedom to independently market and promote your work your way while we take care of making it available across all platforms.

The difference between making 5 sales a month and selling 50 or more lies in making it available to a wider audience, and we partner with authors and independent publishers just like you to maximize their exposure, helping them profit from their published titles.

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